Winter in Florida

Almost a month has gone by before I got to write my first post from here, sunny Gainesville, Florida. Our start was really hectic with my daughter’s school enrollment and all the needed paperwork. It turned out that I had a over vaccinated daughter who’s health certificates from Finland did not apply here. However, now we know multiple different health facilities here, and people in them were really helpful in getting everything we needed. This made me wonder, how difficult it might be to a foreigner in Finland trying to sort out everything? All sorted now, and my daughter is a proud Gainesville High School Hurricanes’ athlete.

One thing I don’t miss here, is the snow shoveling. It seems that Finland is drowning in snow, and I am so happy that I don’t need to wake up at 6 to shovel all the snow in order to be able to drive out from my yard! Winter here has been mild,  although, the locals say it has been cold. I guess that depends on your perspective. For me, everything above zero Celsius in winter time is warm.

One thing I really love in here, is the variety of people. Florida is a real melting pot of different cultures and backgrounds, and it makes every new person and conversation interesting. This is one of the best parts of being abroad. I’ve been lucky to have these opportunities to widen my world.

University of Florida and the Tourism, Recreation and Sport Management department has welcomed me very nicely, and I really enjoy working here. Not to mention that I have never had so good sporting facilities so near my apartment! As my friend commented in my FB, this is also my “Fulbright sports camp”. If I am not fit when I go back to Finland, the only one to blame is me!

Winter here seems to be almost gone and days are getting warmer but basketball season is still on. For now, it has been all about Go Gators! but in ten days it will be about Go Lauri! – The Finnisher and Ghigago Bulls!


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